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Global Manufacturer Slashes Monthly Close Times by 93%




"We were looking for a solution that was flexible enough to handle acquisitions and changes in structure, as our reporting requirements were always evolving."


Recochem needed a consolidation solution and vendor that offered 4 essential elements:

  • Flexible: A solution that could easily adapt to an evolving corporate and reporting structure

  • User-friendly: Intuitive navigation and facility of use for any type of users seek for 
    a solution that can be maintained internally with limited support

  • Experienced: Vendor with experience in finance and accounting systems who would be a business partner in the process

  • Robust: Complete and robust consolidation functionalities

"We also wanted a solution that was intuitive. When we think about an iPad, we can give one to a child and they can use it instantly - we wanted the iPad version of a consolidation system."


With some help from Fluence, Marie-Ève transformed Recochem’s finance 
department and:

  • Slashed the monthly financial close and reporting cycle from 1 month to 2 days

  • Integrated new acquisitions into the consolidation and close process within 
    a week

  • Cut the year-end audit from a months-long process to audited financial statements 
    in 3 weeks



Recochem chose an integrated solution offered by Fluence and Vena Solutions. 
One that met their needs and stood out 
for offering: 

  • Quick Time to Value: Quick to implement and adopt among global accounting stakeholders

  • Integration: With previously disparate ERP systems, ledgers, subledgers and processes

  • Finance Ownership: A solution finance could own, without relying on IT for custom reports and other needs 



Some of Fluence’s key features that 
helped Marie-Ève transform her finance function included:

  • Automated cash flow and CTA calculations

  • No-coding administration for full finance ownership

  • Time and audit dimensions for new acquisitions and investments

  • Simple, automated intercompany matching

  • Data transparency and auditability


Financial Close

See how your financial close practices compare with hundreds of your peers from the Vena Nation Week finance leadership conference, including how:

  • 69% still rely on Excel spreadsheets for financial consolidation

  • 55% take more than 3 weeks to close their books each month

  • 34% say timely, insightful management reporting is their top financial close priority

  • Ready to change up your game with the consolidation software you deserve? 
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Ready to up your game with the consolidation software you deserve? 
Book your personalized demo today.

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Rechochem challenge

Marie-Ève Meunier,
Corporate Controller, Recochem

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Marie-Ève Meunier,
Corporate Controller, Recochem

Fluence Rechochem

See how Marie-Ève Meunier, Corporate Controller at Recochem, pulled this off in the midst of acquisitions and year-end audit.

  • Rechochem relied on Excel and non-standardized templates, consolidation and reporting took a month to complete, with limited time for analysis

  • A series of acquisitions were completed within a short period of time, making it difficult to integrate into the previous consolidation process

  • 10 different ERPs, local charts of accounts etc. in use

  • Need for trusted, timely numbers to make smart, agile decisions